ACTIVITY Members are expected to provide two links of activity at the end of each month. Of the methods of activity, at least one thread is required. You may submit two threads, one thread/one journal entry, or one thread/comments to another member's entry. All forms of activity must have five comments from your character.
CHECK-INS are due by the end of the month. Removals take place the first day of the month. We will only post one warning for activity check, exactly one week prior to the due date. This will be posted in the OOC community.

COMMUNITIES are the only venue for in-character interaction acceptable for activity. Threads should be posted in COMMNAME and journal entries and messages should be posted in COMMNAME. Linking an entry in your personal journal will not count as activity.

EXTENSIONS are given as needed. Requests grant members one additional week to prepare activity. You are free to request extensions as you need them, just keep in mind that you will not be allowed to apply any new characters until you complete one activity check on time.

HIATUSES are granted upon request. When placing a request for a hiatus, please reply to our members area. Unless otherwise noted, hiatus requests go for one month.
CHARACTERS should be within five years of their PB's actual age. This means a character using the face of a 30 year old should be no younger than 25 and no older than 35. Of course, this can be stretched if your character is immortal!
CHARACTER LIMIT is currently set at six per writer. Please only take on what you can handle.

ICONS do not have to specifically be from a historical film, show, or photoshoot. However, we expect icons to reflect the time period. This means no references to modern day technology or pop culture.

SPECIES that are allowed can be from our species catalog. No hybrids are allowed at this time, but this can change in the future. We also accept humans as long as they have a reason for residing in Northbury. As it is a safe haven for the supernatural, we just want a note in their application about why they are there. Are they sympathetic or connected to the supernatural realm in some way? Are they hiding from a crime or a dark corner of their life? Many possibilities, just be sure to have one included in your application!
OOC matters should be settled among members first and, if needed, then brought to mods for intervention. We will not tolerate drama and ask you keep your baggage at the door. Be kind to one another and have fun writing together!
GOD MODDING is a huge nope. Do not assume the actions or words of another person's character without first having their permission.

CONCERNS or sensitive matters may be brought to the mods' attention. We ask you first comment the drop box requesting a custom, and we will provide you with one. Within that custom, you may present your concerns or questions. This is only to ensure that all matters are dealt with in a way that assures privacy.


This is a medieval fantasy game with plenty of supernatural twists. All of the characters and locations are entirely fictional.

Speaking of fictional, Northbury is a fictional town within a fictional country. The town's population is built of those who have been forced out of their homes because of their supernatural identities. Northbury is also home to anyone, human or supernatural, who is searching for a hideaway from the outside world.

Entering Northbury

ENTERING NORTHBURY is not an easy task. It is hidden by magic, and no mere mortal can uncover it without the use of magic. The magic that provides the veil is particularly strong and no spells have been able to break it. Some have come close, but no one has been able to grant themselves entrance. In order to enter Northbury, a character must have made contact with a recruit.
RECRUITS are members of the Northbury military who specifically scatter throughout the kingdoms in search of those who may need help. They are literally everywhere, so it is safe to say your character met a recruit just about anywhere.

SECRECY is expected from anyone who decides to live in Northbury. Characters are free to journey outside of town if they so choose, however they cannot speak of Northbury to anyone during that time. Violators will be put to trial and face punishment, which can be settled between mod and involved players if such a situation surfaces. (Please poke us before running through such a plot!) Sorcerers clean up such messes by erasing memories, etc. It is a sticky situation that officials would rather avoid, so each citizen signs a contract promising secrecy before they may enter Northbury.


ARRIVALS are not left to fend for themselves from the start. Parties are given a home and each household is gifted enough food and supplies to last them for a month. From that point, they are expected to survive on their own as they would in any other town.
HOUSING is offered upon arrival, but the original housing arrangements are not that spectacular. Each person is housed within a small cottage and families are offered the same living space. Characters are free to move into more comfortable arrangements, or even build onto what they have been given, but they must first have employment.

OCCUPATIONS are not given but earned, and many businesses are hiring. Upon their arrival, new citizens are given a tour of the town where they are shown many of the locations within Northbury. Characters can find employment within an existing business or create one of their own. The occupational possibilities are endless but, if you have any questions, feel free to throw us a line!




NORTHBURY ACADEMY educates the population on the ordinary and the extraordinary. There is an academic curriculum for the mortal and immortal, but there is also a heavy emphasis on curriculums surrounding the supernatural. Newly bitten werewolves are taken under the wing of experienced members of their kind. Newborn vampires can learn from the wisdom of an elder if they have no sire. Young users of magic have the opportunity to grow in their abilities under the guidance of a mentor. There is no sense of "average" in this academy, as each student is taught to grow in what makes them a strong and unique member of society. The academy is always looking for professors and instructors - feel free to apply as one!
STONEBRIDGE TAVERN has served the thirsty citizens of Northbury since its founding era. The drinks are cheap, the food is greasy, and the music is loud. The later the hour, the more ideal a venue it becomes for shady business. It is not the best place for an innocent outing, especially after sunset.
COOKS: Open!
WINTERVALE is the base for members of Northbury military. Housing is also offered here to all members of the military, whether it is a guard who lives in town or a recruit who often travels out of town for work.
TOWN SQUARE is the liveliest part of town. It offers many shops, small restaurants, and other places of business. There is a marketplace within the square that opens each weekend, where local merchants and farmers can offer their wares and crops.
SHADOWHELM is a small section of town that is primarily populated by creatures of the night. There is plenty of forest and open ground to take